Three Prime causes and Two collateral revelations
Personal mythology and breakup crisis
Three Prime causes and Two collateral revelations (polyptych), 2019
Watercolor, watercolor pencils, ink, artist's blood on paper
50x150 cm

"Three Prime causes and Two collateral revelations" is a visual poem in five parts, where each image is a grotesque illustration about Tanya and her misadventures in the style of children poem "Our Tanya is crying out loud…" (Agniya Barto). Tanya has grown now but she's still crying out loud — but not because of the ball. As in any poem, the verbal component is very important in this work: each part has a certain slogan that reveals its meaning. By its format, this polyptych can be called "altar" - it consists of nine parts and has a clear ideological and semantic hierarchy of images. The images may be divided into central, collateral and commenting parts.

"Three Prime causes" is the central part of the work. The reasons and acts of verbal "self-flagellation", which explain to all viewers and to the heroine herself, why Tanya is not the person with whom it is worth continuing to deal, and generally not the person who is worth loving. The central parts are highlighted among the rest of the circles and interconnected by primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and decorative nets.